Guillaume Aubian's personal website

Who am I ?

A PhD student in the TALGO team at École Normale Supérieure, in Paris. I’m mainly interested in graph theory, optimization and algorithmics, especially algorithmic contests.

Why are you here ?


My research interests revolve around graph theory, in particular directed graph. I focus on digraph coloring, a notion which arised lately and consists in partitionning directed graphs into Directed Acyclic Graphs.


I am a teaching fellow at Paris University. See here for any information.

Algorithmic Contests

If you want any information about algorithmic contests, in particular for the organization of ENS Paris-Saclay’s algorithmic club, go here.


Sometimes, I have interesting things to say, and that happens here.

How to contact me ?

My mail address is (λabcd.d.b@c.a) xyz aubian gaubian guillaume but you can also contact me on Discord under username LeCaRiBoU#3837 or aubian on irc.{,,}.